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My Sovereign Self Series

Choosing to forgive has the power to release freedom and happiness. When we choose not to forgive, we look at life through the eyes of pain and trauma, holding us captive to the past. We cannot change the past but we can choose to move forward through any story that engulfs us. In order to do this, we forgive. It is not just a few words uttered but an embodiment of the soul. Forgiveness is our ability to exhibit our strength from within.

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1 / 1 days with instruction
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Pacific Time - ForWhat Should I Expect During a Spiritual Healing Session?

· First time clients will have an initial 15-minute free consult with ENOLIA (in person or by phone) to discuss the benefit you’re want to receive through the healing and to answer any questions you have before your session.

· The session in total takes about 45 minutes

· When the session begins, you will lie down, and ENOLIA will place her hands on the occipital ridge of your skull to bring you to a relaxed state. She will then check each of your chakras, starting with your head and moving down your body. As she works on each chakra, she is moving spiritual energy into your chakras to bring them in balance and increase your energetic vibration.

· ENOLIA will ask you to hold positive thoughts to align with this as the energy flows through you. Doing this will ensure the energy has a maximal effect.

· Your positive, uplifting and comforting thoughts during the session provide a more powerful session. ENOLIA asks her clients to maintain continuous positive thoughts following their session, as appreciation and thankfulness to Spirit prolongs the energy you receive.

· During the session ENOLIA can ‘tune in’ to the energy in your aura and may be guided by divine intelligence to give you answers that will help you after the session.

· Following your healing, you may ask additional questions.

· While in session, ENOLIA may detect root causes for your suffering. For example, past romantic relationships with lingering energetic ties, parental relationships holding you back, astral attachments (ghost attachments), or acute sicknesses for example.

You may have heard the expression ‘cut the chord’ with someone. Energetically this corresponds to releasing an energy attachment to someone or something else. Releasing this energy through shamanic healing can allow you to feel more like your whole self. Eliminating these energies may require an advanced healing session or session(s).giveness is Freedom - My Sovereign Self Series

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Enolia Foti
Enolia will lead the retreating be the main facilitator.

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Prior to a Healing Session

· Please - no alcohol or recreational drug use prior to the session

· Be sure to remove all metal accessories, jewelry or clothing as it conducts electricity and can interfere with the flow of spiritual energy

· Before and during the session use rhythmic breathing and visualize white light to get maximal benefit

For the 24 Hours Following a Healing Session:

· Stay away from bars or other negative environments as this can deplete the energy you have received in a healing session

· Maintain a positive attitude, use affirmations, and think and act selflessly

· Being around nature enhances the benefits. Examples: go on a hike, take a bike ride or be at the beach


· Maintain a positive environment to realize the benefits of the energies

· Positive thoughts and actions allow the energy to do its work

· Do not harbor feelings of regrets or negativity

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