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The Awakening of the Inner Goddess

Many women seek greater knowledge about their bodies and themselves through simple tools that can be inserted into their daily lives. We are disconnected from the intrinsic wisdom of our genital system and therefore removed from our feminine power.

Pompoarism is an ancient technique that rescues an oriental wisdom and inserts in a practical way, in our reality, the possibility to go beyond our sexual potentiality.

If you want to develop yourself and still contribute to the development of other women by giving basic courses of Pompoarism, we offer this training that encompasses more specific subjects of female anatomy and physiology, in addition to more advanced exercises for learning to practice.

Pompoar is the ability to control the contraction and relaxation of vaginal muscles. By learning the techniques, a woman can control the three circumvaginal rings separately and can increase the sexual act only with the movement of her muscles, apart from all the other benefits for a woman's health.

Although for us Westerners the technique is still very little explored, in countries like India it is passed from mother to daughter, with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure. But those who think that this technique is only to improve sex are wrong.

The increase in muscle tone in the genital region helps in problems such as urinary and fecal incontinence, in uterine prolapse, prepares the canal for delivery and contributes to postpartum recovery, fights vaginal dryness (true villain after menopause), increases libido and intensifies orgasms.

Learn pompoarism in a practical way in a very lively course, where the students feel at ease and at ease, because it is extremely pleasant to discover what we are capable of doing!

General information Review Like

Yoga Styles

  • Tantra Yoga

Natural & Holistic Therapies

  • Massage

  • Meditation

  • Holism

  • Tantra


3 / 3 days with instruction
Portuguese Instruction language
English, Portuguese Spoken language(s)

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Minimum age allowed is 18
  • Seasonality


    Daily Program Review Like

    Part I: Pompoarism - Basic
    - Introduction: The History of Pompoarism
    - Tantra and Sexuality
    - Anatomy of MAP (pelvic floor muscles)
    - Maneuvers
    - Exercises
    - Accessories

    Part II: Training for Instructors
    - Anatomy II and biomechanics
    - Physiology of Female Sexual Response
    - Pelvic dysfunctions: evaluation, prevention and treatment
    - Pregnancy and Postpartum
    - Pompoarism for men
    - Teaching my course: tips and guidelines

    Accommodation Review Like

    Suites with:

    • Box bed.
    • Cabinet.
    • Lampshade.

    Food Review Like

    Included Meals

    Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner

    Food Types Supported

    Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Vegetarian

    Staff Review Like

    Ratna Bali
    Facilitadora de Desenvolvimento Integral Formada em : Terapêutica Tântrica, Rebirthing com Especialização em Terapias Integradas de Respiração, Instrutora de Pompoarismo, Coaching de Relacionamento e Sexualidade. Emoções e Saúde da Mulher Terapia Menstrual Facilitadora de desenvolvimento integral formada pelo Centro Metamorfose, Curandeiras de Si utiliza de ferramentas como Respiração Consciente, Meditações Ativas, Terapia Tântrica, estuda e faz uso da Ginecologia natural e emocional como fo

    Additional Things to do Review Like

    • Pool
    • Sauna
    • Academy
    • Walk

    What is included Review Like

    • Food
    • Hosting
    • Participation in activities

    What is not included Review Like

    • Transport In/Out
    • Massage sessions
    • Rebirth Session

    Know before you go Review Like

    • Bring comfortable clothes to work
    • Bring bathing suit and sunscreen to enjoy the pool and sauna
    • At this time of year it is recommendable that they bring repellent

    How to get there Review Like

    Sadhana Comunna Metamorfose is located in the south of Minas Gerais, in the municipality of Itapeva (MG), just 120km from São Paulo capital. The access is by Rodovia Fernão Dias, Km 931 direction Belo Horizonte. Enter right in the Auto Posto Falcão, at Estrada do Monjolinho, and follow the signs of "Metamorfose" (2,5km of dirt road in good conditions).

    If you come from other states, the closest airport is Guarulhos. From the airport you can come by car (Uber, Taxi, hitchhiking or rented car) or by bus from the Tietê Bus Station. See below detailed information for all cases:

    Note: there are Communna plates on all the forks of the road

    Taxis from São Paulo who know the route
    Ricardo (11) 991-858-174 (Vivo/WhatsApp)
    Rocha (11) 973-031-134 (Live) / (11) 995-163-285 / (11) 4032-6047
    Caetano (11) 982-047-470 (Live) / (11) 985-399-258 (WhatsApp / Tim)
    Thiago Cesar (11) 948-832-578 (WhatsApp)

    Ubers of São Paulo who know the route
    Luiz Fernando (011) 98585-1617 (WhatsApp)
    Dayo Prem (011) 99555-5788 (WhatsApp)
    Raphael (11) 99294-4664 (WhatsApp)
    Wilma Gonçalves (011) 982-052-901 (WhatsApp)

    Taxis at Itapeva/MG Bus Station
    From the bus station of Itapeva to the Comunna Metamorfose are only 5km (about 27 reais). It is possible to arrange with the taxi drivers to pick up at the closest airports as well (Congonhas, Guarulhos, Campinas). Here are some contacts of taxi drivers from Itapeva:

    Ditinho (35) 984,233,781 / 999,558,955 (Vivo)
    Helium (35) 999,613,357 (Tim) / 999,362,567 (Vivo) / 984,365,544 (Claro)
    Jordino Bueno (35) 998,187,717 (Live) / (35) 991,182,695 (Tim)
    Brauller (35) 998,421,884 (Vivo) / 992,308,805 (Tim) / 984,227,019 (Claro) 

    How to go by plane?
    Guarulhos Airport (120 Km)
    International and National Arrivals
    National Airlines: Tam, Gol, Azul
    International: TAP, American Airlines, United Airlines, KLM.

    Going by Taxi
    Look for the taxi counter at the airport landing.
    You can arrange with the driver himself your return date.

    Taxi from Itapeva
    Another option of taxi is to arrange in advance with some taxi driver from Itapeva, marking the place at the airport. For the return he can pick you up directly at Comunna Metamorfose. The average value of the race to the Comunna Metamorfose is R$ 250,00.

    Going by Bus
    At the Airport there is a bus that goes to Tietê Bus Station: AirportBus (11) 6445.2505. From Tietê Bus Station, check the options.

    Congonhas Airport (135 Km)
    Going by Taxi
    The average value of the race to Comunna Metamorfose is R$ 350.00 (consult a taxi driver from Itapeva).

    Going by Bus
    Take a municipal bus or taxi to Tietê Bus Station. From there, check the options.

    Viracopos Airport (130 Km)
    Going by Taxi
    Look for the taxi counter at the airport landing.
    You can arrange with the driver himself your return date.

    Booking Review Like

    Cancellation Policy

    Non Refundable

    Deposit Percentage


    The rest of the payment should be made on arrival

    Features Review Like

    • Massage

    • Sauna

    • Fireplace

    • Garden

    • Lounge

    • Meditation Garden

    • Terrace

    • Patio

    • Internet Access

    Customer Reviews

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    1. Review by

      Posted on

      Transformar a vida das mulheres
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      Services and Communication

      Participar do curso me fez pensar em novas possibilidades de transformar a minha vida e das outras mulheres. Muito além do prazer feminino, o conhecimento do próprio corpo e como podemos ser mais conscientes e felizes são as verdades que podem ser ditas. Gratidão!
    2. Review by

      Posted on

      Reconciliação com o feminino
      Value for money
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience

      O curso de Pompoarismo foi muito mais que aprender uma técnica, foi um caminho de reconciliação com o feminino, com meu corpo, meu prazer.
    3. Review by

      Posted on

      Cuidar e me amar
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      Todas as dinâmicas foram significativas, cada uma me proporcionou aprendizado e me fez pensar no quanto é importante conhecermos o nosso corpo e o que ele nos mostra, me fez aprender a ter um pouco de paciência e voltar a prestar atenção na minha respiração.

      Parei pra pensar em coisas que não pensava a muito tempo, como por exemplo cuidar de mim e me amar. Nesse momento me sinto mais leve, amada, forte e feliz!

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