8 Days » Immersion in Traditional Huni Kuin Culture Ceremonies in the Amazon - IV Ikamuru Shuku Shukui, Acre, Brazil

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Annual homage to the great Pajé Ikamuru Agostinho Manduca - Aldeia São Joaquim Memory Center

During the Christmas period, we will meet together with the Huni Kuin São Joaquim Community, located on the banks of the Jordan River, in the Amazon Forest, Acre, to honor the great Ikamuru Pajé Agostinho Manduca. This homage happens since 2009, the first year of his transition to the spiritual world.

The Village meets on 12/24 and 12/26 to hold traditional ceremonies of the Huni Kuin Culture, thanking the Eternal Life (Shuku Shukui) of its Great Pajé.

Aldeia São Joaquim - Memory Center is the organizer and director of this event. The Travel Groups is an accredited partner that offers the visitor all the logistics until the arrival at the airport of the city of Jordan, in addition to the effective registration. They are also Philanthropic Indigenous Assessors of the Memory Center - Aldeia São Joaquim, for matters related to the Ikamuru meeting and the visits to the Aldeia São Joaquim and Sítio Luz da Floresta.

General information Review Like

Natural & Holistic Therapies

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Ayahuasca

  • Sound Therapies

  • Shamanism


8 / 8 days with instruction
Portuguese Instruction language
Portuguese Spoken language(s)

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Minimum age allowed is 18
  • The maximum participants in the group is 20
  • Seasonality


    Daily Program Review Like


    Pajé Ikamuru was a scholar and connoisseur of several medicinal plants of the Huni Kuin People, knowledge received largely in oral form through the family nucleus and close relatives.

    In the first days in the village, we will visit Jardim das Medicinas - where the material body of the Pajé is located, as well as all the medicinal plants already known and studied, cultivated by the Pajé. Your children also recognize this place as the Pajé's office!

    In this place also the two ceremonies of honor to the Pajé Ikamuru Agostinho Manduca are realized.


    The Huni Kuins women are very creative and use everything that the forest offers maternally in their day to day, producing utensils that facilitate and beautify the homes and the life of this people.

    The straw is used to transport food and medicinal plants in the forest, they also serve to make the mats used in the terreiro by children and adults, fans that relieve the heat!

    In the workshop, each one weaves his treadmill with the help of our master craftsmen, an item of great utility in the forest and that can be used throughout the meeting.


    It is a daily habit that both children and adults and elders keeps alive to this day.

    With genipap and annatto, they trace the lines in the body of the sacred designs - called Kenes - that represent the everyday elements of the Huni Kuin Worldview, like plants and animals.

    In order to beautify and protect, these plants may also have medicinal properties, such as Urucum which is a powerful sunscreen and repellent, and Jenipapo, which can also be used in traditional diets.


    In the Jordan, the villages are integrated in a relationship that allows working together in partnership for the welfare of all Huni Kuin Communities.

    In this sense, we will visit Aldeia Cachoeira for a day, on a boat trip up the beautiful Jordan River and surprise us with the beauty of our forests, our Amazon!

    Always received with a lot of HAUX, we will know a little of the woods, the place of ceremonies, the school, we will share the food and we will visit a fair of handicrafts.

    Accommodation Review Like

    • Indian Village Accommodation

    Food Review Like

    Included Meals

    Breakfast , Brunch , Lunch , Dinner , Drinks

    Food Types Supported

    Fruit Based, Organic, Pescatarian (You take fish but not meat)

    Staff Review Like


    Additional Things to do Review Like

    • Trail to sacred tree Samaúma
    • Traditional games
    • Handicraft fair
    • River trail and bath

    What is included Review Like

    • Accommodation
    • Food
    • Experiences
    • Trails
    • Celebrations

    What is not included Review Like

    • Airline tickets

    Know before you go Review Like



    • Hammock and Mosquito Net
    • Sleeping bag - Sleeping bag
    • Raincoat - Water Boots
    • Sunscreen - Lip Protector
    • Flashlight (s) - Batteries
    • Bath Towel - Personal hygiene (biodegradable, if possible)
    • Repellent
    • Toilet Paper - Gel Alcohol
    • First Aid Kit (Emergency Remedies for Fever, Infection, or Flu)
    • Knife - Knife
    • Personal cutlery
    • Bottle of mineral water (can be bought in the city of Jordan)
    • Light clothes
    • Long sleeve trousers and blouse (to protect from sun and mosquitoes)
    • Hat Cap
    • Lightweight coat
    • Closed shoes - Slipper
    • Chlorine (to be diluted in water)
    • Water filter (we suggest Lifestrow brand)
    • Extra food


    • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed.
    • Alcohol or other illicit drugs are not permitted.
    • Do not circulate in unauthorized areas.
    • Do not photograph or record without the permission of the coordinator or Cacique da Aldeia.
    • For safety reasons, during hiking on the trails all visitors should be dressed in trousers, shirt and wearing sneakers or closed shoes.
    • Visitors will only travel in the areas defined as passable by the indigenous team, always accompanied by a member of the indigenous team, not being able to pass in front of them, leave the trails or pick up leaves or branches.
    • Visitors must respect the times of arrival, stay and exit of the available spaces, and the Huni Kuin Team can change them due to administrative reasons or due to force majeure.


    The event is conducted in a natural and wild environment and the Huni Kuin Coordination Team informs that during the activities there may be risks of accidents with insects and / or venomous animals, risks of small, medium or large falls and that distance and difficulty access could make immediate relief difficult, thus exempting the Huni Kuin Organization from any liability for any accidents and any burdens arising from the provision of medical assistance when necessary.

    However, the Huni Kuin indigenous team will do everything to ensure the safety of the visitor is preserved, with signs and accompaniments.

    For a safe and well-traveled trip, it is recommended to take the Yellow Fever vaccine at least 15 days prior to arrival in the forest.

    How to get there Review Like

    Para chegar até a Aldeia São Joaquim, às margens do Rio Jordão, vamos realizar dois trechos aéreos e um fluvial.

    O primeiro trecho aéreo fica entre a cidade de origem até Rio Branco/Acre, localizada na Amazônia Brasileira Ocidental, região de fronteira com outros países da América do Sul.

    O segundo trecho aéreo fica entre a cidade de Rio branco até Jordão, e é realizado por serviços locais prestados pelas empresas de táxi aéreo.

    O embarque fluvial oficial para a aldeia será nos dias 22/12/2018 e o retorno no dia 29/12/2018. A viagem de barco tem a duração de aproximadamente 2 horas e é o único transporte incluído na taxa de visitação do encontro. Cada participante deverá informar o dia da sua chegada e a Equipe Huni Kuin estará no Aeroporto de Jordão aguardando seus convidados para direcionamento ao barco e, em seguida, à aldeia.

    Booking Review Like

    Cancellation Policy

    Refundable up to 60 days from start date

    Deposit Percentage


    Features Review Like

    • Boating

    • Fishing

    • Hiking

    • Swimming

    • Fireplace

    • Garden

    • Lake

    • Meditation Garden

    • Picnic Area

    • River

    • Patio

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