20 Days » 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Abhayaranya, Rishikesh, India

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For those, open to the hidden dimensions of life and its mysteries.

This 200hrs YTT course has all the tools for aspiring Yoga Teachers to develop a solid foundation to be able to find a unique Yogic self-expression. This experience can be a milestone in the journey of Yoga seekers to explore the age old tradition, its practices, principles and concepts.

This comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course spontaneously familiarizes the participants with the fundamentals of yoga philosophy. It will help intensify and master Yoga Asanas with their subtle understanding and effects on mind & body. Study of Human Anatomy & Physiology will provide an enhanced approach to deal certain ailments & injuries. Daily Pranayama and Meditation practice along with Mantra chanting will help nurture inner strength with peaceful balancing properties. Through this 200hrs Yoga TTC, Rishikesh Yogpeeth aims at creating a taste of yogic discipline, diet and cleansing rituals. All this is designed to deepen the understanding of yoga and become a confident and competent Yoga instructor cum practitioner.

200hrs Yoga Certification is the very first step for any aspiring Yoga Teacher / Instructor to teach this ancient art of health, harmony and wellbeing on a world-wide level. This is one of the most acceptable minimum standards set by an organization to teach Yoga in recent times. Credit goes to Yoga Alliance, USA for all the efforts made to bring an idea of regulation over learning and teaching Yoga by setting up the designations for Yoga Schools and Yoga professional's world over. After a successful completion of 200hrs curriculum from a RYS 200 Yoga School (Registered Yoga School at 200hrs level) with 200hrs Yoga Certification, participants are eligible to get registered with Yoga Alliance, USA for a designation of RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher at 200hrs level).

For those, open to the hidden dimensions of life and its mysteries, Rishikesh Yogpeeth offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India. This 200hrs YTT course has all the tools for aspiring Yoga Teachers to develop a solid foundation to be able to find a unique Yogic self-expression. This experience can be a milestone in the journey of Yoga seekers to explore the age old tradition, its practices, principles and concepts.

This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is for anyone from anywhere, with any background, nationality or religion. Be ready, it may open up the gate of possibilities, can bring wonders especially for those stuck with the ideas of limitations, can be magical, if you are already interested in exploration of this ancient Indian art & science of Yoga.

Medium of communication in this course is English, so it requires a certain amount of proficiency in the language to be able to handle and respond to the instructions and lectures. There are no educational requirements to join it. As long as you are able to express yourself and be who you are, you're welcome.

The age of the Candidate shouldn't be less than 18 or more than 60 at the time of admission. In case of any of these situations a prior permission from the executive committee of Rishikesh Yogpeeth is mandatory.

Individuals experiencing injuries or ailments are advised to get in touch with a Medical professional before joining the course. Rishikesh Yogpeeth may ask for a letter of permission as a prerequisite from that Medical authority. In case of pregnancy, a certificate of medical authorization is a must to be able to participate in this physically and mentally intensive discipline.

Due to any reason, if a participant is found unfit to complete the course curriculum, Rishikesh Yogpeeth keeps the right to discontinue his/her course without any refund. In some of the inevitable situations Rishikesh Yogpeeth may allow participants to complete the course in the near future with the same fee and no additional charges.

Kindly be aware that the traditional Indian methods of teaching this ancient art of Yoga may differ from a western philosophical standpoint. During the Course, there also is a possibility that the fundamental understanding of Yogic Path may come up differently in comparison to the Yoga School in West. Therefore it's very important for the participants to make up their mind for this challenging but rewarding experience before committing to it.

Especially in case, if you are just expecting this to be a modified form of physical workout in the name of Yoga, then choosing Rishikesh Yogpeeth as a Yoga School in India may not be the right decision for you. One should apply for this only if he/she is ready & willing to experience the strict regime of Yogic rules and regulations at the center.

At Yoga School Rishikesh Yogpeeth we strictly follow the fundamentals of Traditional Hatha Yoga with modern perspective to it. Our approach to Yoga practice is comprehensive enough to accommodate various contradictory ideas about this ancient art in a complementary manner. Where staying still in a posture is as important as the flow. The objectives behind these practices are not just to gain the Physical strength or flexibility but the complete transformation of personality.


  • You will learn asanas and techniques that are traditional and have evolved over centuries in India.
  • Through the study of anatomy and physiology, we will go deeper into the execution and alignment of asanas.
  • By understanding the parts, you will start understanding the whole – gaining confidence in practising the asanas safely and with maximum benefit.
  • Understand the philosophy of Yoga to transcend asanas and to understand the real purpose of Yoga.
  • Focus on Pranayama, Mantras and Meditation to reach and experience the subtle aspects of Yoga practice.

General information Review Like

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Ashtanga Yoga

  • Nidra Yoga

  • Yoga Flow

Natural & Holistic Therapies

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Meditation


18 / 20 days with instruction
English Instruction language
English, Hindi Spoken language(s)

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced



Daily Program Review Like

In keeping with the requirements of Yoga Alliance - USA, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India program follows a tight schedule where almost each of the 6 to 7 training hours in the day are assigned to some aspect of yoga. You could find the training intensive but enlightening. Depending on the yoga school the mornings can begin as early as 5:30 a.m. with meditation followed by some yoga postures and maybe some classes or lectures in philosophy or anatomy. Chanting and pranayama are also part of the schedule. During training you are provided with two to three yoga meals, fruit refreshments and green tea. Daily written homework is also the norm as that is how you will gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Sleeping early is encouraged as that is part of yogic practice.

05:30 am - Wake Up
06:00 am - Herbal Tea
06:15 am - Shatkarma/Yogic cleansing
06:30 am - Pranayama and Chanting
07:30 am - Yoga Asana
09:00 am - Breakfast
10:30 am - Yoga Anatomy
11:30 am - Yoga Philosophy
12:30 pm - Lunch
04:30 pm - Yoga Breathing | Yoga Nidra
05:00 pm - Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Asana
06:45 pm - Pranayama | Meditation
07:15 pm - Dinner
10:45 pm - Lights Out

Please note : Daily Schedule is subject to change - Rishikesh Yogpeeth

Accommodation Review Like

Abhayaranya campus is situated on the foothills of Himalaya surrounded by the forest at a small village called Patna, just 5 km away from Laxman Jhula market of Rishikesh. It is approximately 1.5 km from the road head and it takes a steep hike of 25-30 min to reach the centre. This hike is one of the unique features of this centre, just like the path of Yoga, which tends to be difficult to start with but rewarding at the end.

Abhayaranya Campus is equipped with 18 Cottages with two spacious and comfortable rooms in each with plenty of open space in surroundings. Every room has Twin Beds and attached bathrooms with running hot & cold showers. Each room can have either single or double occupancy, depending upon the choices made by the participants. There is also a large dining hall where more than a hundred people can have meals together.

For academic activities there are two spacious Yoga halls and a library where you can access many books on Yoga & Indian culture

Rishikesh Yogpeeth is a globally reputed Yoga Teaching and Training Centre registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as RYS 200, 300 & 500. We hold over 14 years of experience in Yoga Teacher Training Courses and have witnessed more than 6,000 students to take part in our registered training programs from across the world. With traditional understanding and modern methods, Rishikesh Yogpeeth is a group of Yoga enthusiasts aiming at sharing one of the oldest and legendary traditions of Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual well being. We offer several 200, 300 and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses throughout the year specializing to cater the need of an international audience with a team of well experienced Yoga Teachers. One of the courses we offer is the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, which is primary Certification Course in the field of Yoga Teaching. The training is conducted in Rishikesh, known as the spiritual birthplace of Yoga. The centre is nestled in tranquil and peaceful surroundings and students come from world over to the region to learn more about the ancient discipline.

At Rishikesh Yogpeeth, our intention is to apply the science of yoga by adapting the traditional knowledge of Indian Masters to suit our times, while taking care to preserve the essence of their teachings. Yoga is about discovering your true nature through your own personal experience. We want to provide a transforming experience and focus on the subtler aspects of Yoga, not only covering the asanas, but going beyond to enhance your understanding of yoga.

Our Yoga does not end at the yoga hall, it leads to personal revelations, changes and then transformation. We believe our teacher training programs will help you initiate this chain of self-transformation. Those who are already initiated will be able to hone their practice of yoga and sharpen their perceptions about yogic philosophy and meditation.

We believe Yoga is a gift to entire humanity and its practice is an antidote to the stress and suffering of our lives. We want to bring the benefits of this science to the whole world. We also believe that India, as the birth place of Yoga, has a special responsibility to continue to spread this message of Yoga to the world in its original essence.

We are conscious of this responsibility to make sincere efforts on the path of Yoga in its true spirit, with compassion, in the right way, and with right expectations. Where possible, we will use the insights of science to deepen our understanding of yogic practices. Yoga was never meant to be followed blindly. Questioning everything is also yoga.

Food Review Like

Included Meals

Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner , Drinks

Food Types Supported

Vegan, Vegetarian, Yogic Diet

Staff Review Like

He is the spiritual mentor of Rishikesh Yogpeeth as aYoga School. He is one of the guardians, who laid the foundation for us, so we can embark upon the path of Yoga.

Roshan Singh is the founder Member and President of Rishikesh Yogpeeth, highly regarded as one of the visionary to manifest this dream into reality.

Deepti Kulshrestha is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and holds a M.A. degree in Yoga and Naturopathy. She started teaching in 2008 and discovered quickly that this was her calling in life.

Nikhil Kulshrestha teaches Yoga philosophy in 200 and 300-hour TTC. A self-taught philosopher, he is interested in the philosophical aspects of yoga which he has been studying sinceyears.

Anoop started his Yogic life in the year 2008 and soon he found himself as an aspiring Yoga Teacher. He taught in different Yoga Teacher Training centre in rishikesh at the start of his Teaching career.

Himanshu is a young, energetic yoga instructor specializing in Hatha and Ashtanga-vinyasa traditions. Through yoga, he wants to inspire people to set long term health and fitness goals for themselves to improve their well-being.

Shashank is a young yoga instructor specializing in Hatha and Ashtanga-vinyasa traditions. Through yoga, he wants to inspire people to set long term health and fitness goals for themselves to improve their well-being.

Additional Things to do Review Like

During the intense sessions throughout the weekdays, here comes the weekends for some outdoor activities and excursions to nearby places as sense of relaxation from the daily routine. This helps participants tremendously to gather themselves for the upcoming weeks.

Spa treatments / Therapies Review Like

  • Ayurvedic Massage

What is included Review Like

  • Tuition Fee
  • Accommodation upon choice
  • Three Sattvic meals a Day
  • Course material, Yoga Mat etc.
  • One Full body Ayurvedic Massage
  • Excursions on Days off, Himalaya Darshan, Ganga Aarti etc.
  • Airport Transfers from Dehradun Airport

What is not included Review Like

  • Visa fees

Know before you go Review Like

Evaluation & Certification

  • Assessments will be based on written as well as practical evaluation.
  • Student conduct will be a part of the assessment criterion.
  • Evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance.

Ethical Guidelines

  • Rishikesh Yogpeeth adopts the ancient approach to yoga to inculcate in each student the wisdom that yoga manifests. Teaching and learning is therefore designed in such a way that ethical practices are ingrained automatically in the students at the Yog Peeth.
  • The day begins with the daily regimen (Dincharya) and ancient code of conduct. Activities are planned according to seasonal code of conduct (Ritucharya). The concept of behavior chemistry (Achar- rasayan) is the concept that students are expected to imbibe.
  • Maharishi Patanjali prescribed certain rules of how a person is expected to act in society (Yama) and how personal code and conduct (Niyama) is the expected and essential behavior for individuals to follow. We at the Yog Peeth expect this behavior terminology to be understood and practiced sincerely and honestly by all students to the best extent possible.
  • Before students register for the yoga teacher training they must be aware that this traditional teaching will differ from that of the west. There could even be a fundamental difference in the understanding of the yogic path as that which is taught in the yoga schools in the west.
  • Modified exercises that go by the name of yoga are frowned upon by Rishikesh Yog Peeth and so only those students must apply for the course who are willing to commit to the strict regimen of the Peeth.

Code of Conduct

  • Discipline is an integral part of the training program and so the course routine must be strictly observed.
  • Disrespect to rules and regulations could result in termination of studentship with no refund of fee.
  • Absenting oneself from the scheduled program without prior permission of the teacher or manager concerned would be construed as a gross breach of discipline.
  • A student must intimate in advance if they intend to forgo a meal so that there is no wastage of food.
  • The Yoga Peeth does not make arrangements for guests of students. Any activity that is not related to the course is not permitted.
  • Ensure you are on time for class or you will not be permitted to enter any class once it has commenced.
  • Before departure from the Peeth students must all dues and return all library books.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted during the training.

How to get there Review Like

By Air
For International travellers, New Delhi is the nearest port of entry. Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometres away. Popular carriers like Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Airways often have daily flights from New Delhi.
Once you reach Jolly Grant airport, we can arrange to have to picked up and brought to the nearest drop-off point where you hike up to Abhayaranya. We’ll also help carry your luggage up the mountain trail. If you are going to the Ganga Campus, the taxi will drop you inside the campus.

By Road
Taxi: We can arrange a taxi to pick you up from New Delhi airport (distance 260 Km, drive of 6-7 hours) and bring you to the ashram.
Bus: Being a popular tourist destination, Rishikesh has a good network of buses connecting it with important places such as Haridwar, Dehradun and New Delhi. Buses depart in the morning and late evening from the Kashmere Gate ISBT, New Delhi for Rishikesh every day. You can choose from a regular, deluxe or a luxury coach.
You will still need to inform us to arrange to pick you up from Rishikesh (where the bus will drop you) to bring you to the campus.

By Train
The nearest railhead to Rishikesh is in Haridwar which is approximately 25 kilometres away. Haridwar, in turn, is linked to major Indian cities including New Delhi. Some of the popular trains are Shatabadi Express, Jan Shatabdi, AC Special Express and Mussoorie Express.
We can arrange for a taxi pick-up from Haridwar railway station to bring you to the campus.
Please communicate with us about your arrival and pick-up well in advance. We can also help other students to share pick-up taxi with you to make it cheaper.

Booking Review Like

Cancellation Policy

Non Refundable

Deposit Percentage


The rest of the payment should be made on arrival

Features Review Like

  • Massage

  • Dining area

  • Garden

  • In-Room Safe

  • Meditation Garden

  • River

  • Yoga Shala

  • Patio

  • Library

  • Local Market

  • Room Cleaning

  • Tour Assistance

Customer Reviews

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  1. Review by

    Posted on

    200 hours yoga
    Services and Communication
    Accommodation and Facilities
    Quality of the Experience
    Value for money
    The hotel is also a school for learning yoga, gaining knowledge about yoga and the body. This is very strict, it smiles from the staff but it is great for studying and traveling, see you soon for 300 hours.
    I like the food here, thank you very much!
  2. Review by

    Posted on

    A perfect place to learn and grow...
    Accommodation and Facilities
    Quality of the Experience
    Value for money
    Services and Communication
    I was here for my 200hr TTC. People of Rishikesh Yogpeeth are like my family. This is the place where I came to know yoga and where I was able to grow and continue my journey of self-understanding with heightened awareness and understanding. The service provided was equally good but the most impressive part of this place is the people who constitute it. The teachers were very understanding and knew what they were teaching.

    There is nothing like more satisfying for the soul than such an experience in Rishikesh!

    I hope you will come to learn yoga and to learn about yourself. Enjoy all this place has to offer with an open heart and mind. Namaste
  3. Review by

    Posted on

    If heaven exists, this must be one of the areas within
    Accommodation and Facilities
    Quality of the Experience
    Value for money
    Services and Communication
    I went to Rishikesh Yogpeeth Abhayaranya (RYA) for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course (YTT). Just before I left for my journey an experienced yoga teacher said after checking the website, programme and daily schedule that it "would be transformative." And it was.

    The place itself, which is located a couple of miles away from the town of Rishikesh, is breathtaking on arrival due to its location, views, scale and expanse, recently built two thirds of the way up a hill towards Patna village. Waterfalls here and there as you climb towards campus. A major investment has been made (comfortable cabins with ensuite, two Yoga Halls, Dining Hall, office/library) and is still under construction at the sides and the back, where more facilities are being quickly developed.

    The staff and teachers make this remote location a warm and welcoming home from home. Despite the challenges of the intense programme, a few days after arrival you no longer want to leave; even when the Wi Fi connection is so poor given the location and weather conditions. Frankly, it would be detoxifying to forget about WiFi for a few months and dive into learning, meditating and growing here but we are not all so wise.

    The food. 20 days of excellent vegetarian and vegan dishes. Incidentally, I lost 8.5kg in three weeks and did not feel it; just stepped on a scale that was placed in the Yoga Hall and realised that it had fallen. I am afradi it did not stay down.

    About the actual programme, what can one say? What would be the right and sufficient words to describe something that is so deeply held within and which keeps evolving day by day after you leave? It is indeed transformative. It is the opening of doors for one to see how deep, how long, how wide and how high the world and philosophy of Yoga is; Yoga is not about poses (asana) but about a different way of life. The body can be changed with training within a few weeks and the methods are known but the mind and the soul don't change easily and effective methods are less well known.

    The 200 hour YTT leaves one with many more questions than answers, ensuring the continuation of study and practice for those who care to evolve; but then again, what would be the purpose of doing a 200 YTT if it were not going to mean an introduction to an infinite path?

    I have been fortunate with teachers, wherever I have been, whatever practice I have undertaken and it is possible that RYA is the best school in Rishikesh and probably, given that I looked for schools/programmes in various areas of the country, among the best in India.

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