Interview with Márcia de Luca : Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda scholar for over 40 years

Interview with Márcia de Luca : Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda scholar for over 40 years
The Yotus team had a very special conversation with Marcia de Luca, one of the most important names in Ayurveda in Brazil. Here's the full interview, enjoy!

Yotus Wellness: You have been studying Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda for 40 years. How did you begin these studies?

Márcia: I started practicing Yoga right after I divorced my first husband. I had two daughters to raise, I knew I would face difficult times, and I wanted to strengthen myself. Then I fell in love... it was a one-way ticket.

Yotus Wellness: Did you go through a period of changing habits and lifestyle when you discovered these ancient teachings? How was your life before and after it?

Márcia: Of course, I changed little by little, inserting new habits into my life according to the millennial sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. I think my life was like everyone else's. Without discipline, without rules, with pollution, foods full with pesticides, sugar, white flour, always in a rush… Everything that everyone already knows. Gradually, I started incorporating the practice of Yoga, the practice of meditation, eating healthy according to Ayurveda, positive attitude towards life, detachment, kindness, gentleness, and much more.

Yotus Wellness: What were the biggest benefits they brought you? And the biggest challenges?

Márcia: In reality only the benefits of having a healthier body, a more balanced mind, a greater balance in every way. Challenge? We create the label... They are part of our lives. It takes intention, discipline and time to achieve it.

Yotus Wellness: If you were to give our readers a reason to know these practices, what would it be?

Márcia: Being happy is the greatest goal and people’s quest. Happiness is inside and not outside.

Yotus Wellness: Today we see increasing levels of anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Why do people seem so disconnected from themselves?

Márcia: Because they have their point of reference in the illusory world of forms and matter where we live. The feeling of inadequacy will always exist. We have to find our true essence.

Yotus Wellness: Do you believe that this knowledge can help us deal with these mental disorders?

Márcia: Of course! They strengthen us in such a way that we have the strength and capacity to become unshakable mountains in the face of life's challenges.

Yotus Wellness: You often visit India. Tell us about the experience of being in the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Márcia: I think I've been to India about 40 times. I always look for new knowledge, I take groups of students to get to know the sacred land and birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda. It is very enriching to be under the ancient energy of this place. Undoubtedly India changes people's lives. Nobody comes back the same.

Yotus Wellness: Life in the West is very different from life in Eastern countries such as India. How can we incorporate the teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and other practices into the lifestyle we have here?

Márcia: We have to take it easy because being too hasty might do more damage than good. I always say take it slowly and keep going… one thing at a time. Give it time to incorporate each new habit and then insert new ones. After all, we have a lifetime to improve, don't we? And that's what matters. To be always looking for our best version as human beings to contribute to a better world.

Yotus Wellness: You celebrate all kinds of rituals. How important are they in our life?

Márcia: All rituals should be celebrated as we bring attention and intention to the moment. That way we empower what we are doing. We should celebrate all the rites of passage of our lives with reverence and respect as the ancient people did.

Yotus Wellness: How do we find our purpose?

Márcia: I always tell my students that our primary purpose is self-knowledge, it's to find our essence, our best version. From that, a lot of meditation to discover what is our mission in this life and how to dedicate it to the benefit of all humanity.

Yotus Wellness: What is the most transforming experience you have ever had?

Márcia: The experience of SILENCE!

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