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Live and Breathe Yoga!

Habituated yoga into their day to day live, Vinyasa Yoga Academy offers a 8-weeks master teacher training. The course builds on the previous courses. This intensive but challenging course coffers all aspects of Yoga and teaching, providing students with the tools to become a true leader in their Yoga community, inspiring and motivating students to follow the path of yoga. From now on you will be ready to start Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. After completing the 8-weeks course students will receive the 500 hours teacher training certificate.

Students will be trained by highly professional teachers having each their own teaching expertise, thus getting ready to create highly integrative Yoga classes, combining an array of techniques. After completing the 8-weeks course students will receive the 500 instructional hours required for Yoga Alliance RYT 500 certification and are ready to deepen their career as a professional yoga teacher. What sets us apart?

Rishikesh, also referred to as ''the Yoga capital of the world'' is a unique place to study yoga. Surrounded by the holy waters of the Ganges, set onto the hills of the beautiful, green Himalayan Mountains you'll experience an instant and natural feeling of true happiness and gratitude. Enjoy the nightly Ganga Aarti (fire offering) on the Ganges in the evenings. All and all granted for a truly spiritual journey into India, completing your yoga course with an uplifted spirit and feeling compassion for everything surrounding you.

Direct Teachings from World-Class Teachers - Vinyasa Yoga Academy focuses on providing students with small, intimate class settings for individualized and personalized attention from our beloved teachers. The student's classes are located at the same building as their accommodations, so teachers are easily accessible to students throughout the day.

An Inspiring and Welcoming Community — every teacher and staff member of Vinyasa Yoga Academy is passionate and committed to providing the best possible experience for every student who walks through our doors. Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a spiritual hub for knowledge seekers to grow and nourish their souls. It's a community built on love, enthusiasm and a profound belief in the transformative powers of yoga. We believe in not just doing yoga but living yoga. Our yoga halls are bright, colorful and modern with a gorgeous Ganga view and a literary library available for students.

Course program
The course has duration of 8-weeks. Classes will be held from Monday till Saturday, with a half day on Thursday and an off day on Sunday. 

Eligibility and accreditations
The 500HR yoga teacher training certification is accessible for anyone who is interested in learning the ancient science of yoga and deepening their yoga practice. Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance's standards. Students who complete an approved training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

To get the 500-hour yoga teacher training diploma the student needs to attend 8-weeks duration course. Assessments will be based on written assignments as well as practical evaluations and student conduct will be a part of the assessment criteria.


  • Hatha Yoga Postures

Alignment, Assist and Adjustment
Surya namaskar (sun salutation)
Chandra namaskar (moon salutation)
2.Lolasana – swinging pose
3.Kukkutasana – rooster pose
4.Sarpasana – snake pose
5.Shalabhasana – locust pose
6.Dhanurasana – bow pose
7.Paschimottanasana – seated forward bend
8.Janu sirshasana – head to knee pose
9.Parivirta janu sirshasana – revolving head to knee pose
10.Sarvangasana – shoulder stand
11.Padam sarvangasana – shoulder stand lotus pose
12.Sirshasana- Headstand
13.Natarajasana – lord shiva’s pose
14.Utthita hasta padangusthasana
15.Naukasana –Boat pose
16.Vatayanasana – horse face pose
17.Mayurasana – peacock pose
18.Koormasana – tortoise pose
19.Chakrasana –wheel pose
20.Hanumanasana – monkey pose
21.Agnistambhasana- fire log pose
22.Brahmacharyasana –celibate’s pose
23.Astavakrasana – eight-twists pose
24.Ek pada sirasana – one foot to head pose
25.Chaturanga Dandasana
26.Pincha Mayurasana-Feathered Peacock Pose
27.Eka Pada Koundinyasana- sage koundinyasana
28.Handstand – Adho Mukha Vrksasana
29.Ardha Pincha Mayurasana- dolphin pose
30.Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana- dolphin plank pose
31.Bakasana –crow pose
32.Ek pada bakasana – one leg crow
33.Utthan Pristhasana- lizard pose
34.Pashasana-Noose Pose
35.Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana- sundial or compass pose
36.Titibasana-fire fly pose
37.Parshva bakasana – side crow

  • Mudra (Yoga Gestures)

1- Introduction of Mudras
2- Jnana & Chin Mudra
3- Yoni Mudra
4- Bhairava Mudra
5- Hridaya Mudra
6- Nasikagra Mudra
7- Khechari Mudra
8- Shambhavi Mudra

  • Bandhas (Energy Lock)

1-Introduction to bandha
2-Jalandhara bandha
3-Moola bandha
4-Uddiyana bandha
5-Maha bandha

  • Meditation (Dhyana)

Breathing Awareness
Om Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Dynamic Meditation
No Mind & No Body Meditation
Ajapa japa meditation
Antar nouna

  • Yoga Therapy

Therapeutical Effects of Shathkarma
Kati Vasti
Tridosha (Explanation of Tridosha)
Food Habits as per Tridosha
Nadi Parikshan
Respiratory Diseases- Diseases related to Respiration
Yog Nidra
Pranayam and its effects
Eyes diseases
Heart diseases
Heart opening Session
Video session on Awakening of Kundilini.

  • Mantra Chanting

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha (Gayatri Mantra)
Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya
Tvameva mata ca pita Tvameva
Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Om sahana vavatu
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudevo maheshwara
Yogena Cittasya
Hare rama, Hare Krishna
Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra

  • Yoga Philosophy

Patanjali yoga sutras
1- CHAPTER 1- Samadhi pada
2- CHAPTER 2- Sadhana Pada

  • Anatomy and Physiology

Brief overview: Digestive System
Respiratory System
Circulatory System
Nervous System
Endocrine System
Bodily systems

Detailed Study: Effects of Pranayama in Respiratory System
Effects of Yoga practice and Nauli in Digestive system
Muscular and Skeletal system with advance postures
Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Postures and How to avoid injury in asana class
Anatomy of Pelvic griddle and spine
Nadis- The Energy Channel
Prana and Nervous system
Kundalini Shakti

  • Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow Yoga Postures

1- Sun salutation A
2- Sun salutation B
I Padangusthasana - Big teo posture
II Padahastasana – Hand under foot posture
III Utthita trikonasana- Triangle pose
IV Parivrtta Trikonasana- Revolving triangle
V Utthita parvakonasana- Extended Side Angle Pose
VI Parivritta Parsvakonasana – Revolving side angle pose
VII Prasarita padottanasana A to D – Intense wide leg stretch
VIII Parsvottanasana- Intense side stretch posture
IX Utthita hasta padangusthasana- Hand to big toe posture
X Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana- Half bound lotus forward bend
XI Utkatasana- Fierce pose
XII Virabhadrasana A-B. Warrior
XIII Dandasana- Staff pose
XIV Paschimottanasana A to C Intense West – Stretch or sitting forward bend
The Vinyasa ( Vinyasa to jump back)
XV Purvottanasana – Intense east stretch
XVI Ardha baddha Padma paschimottanasana- Half bound lotus forward bend
XVII Tiriang mukhaipada paschimottanasana- reverse the leg direction of one leg intense east stretch
XVIII Janu sirsasana A to C Head to knee pose
XIX Marichyasana A-D
XX Navasana – Boat posture
XXI Bhujapidasana- Shoulder pressure posture
XXII Kurmasana- Tortoise posture
XXIII Supta kurmasana- Sleeping tortoise
XXIV Garbha pindasana- Embryo posture
XXV Kukkutasana – Rooster posture
XXVI Baddha konasana A to B – Bound angle posture
XXVII Upavista konasana A to B- Seated angle posture
XXVIII Supta konasana A to B – Lying down angle posture
XXIX Supta padangustasana – Reclining big toe posture
XXX Ubhaya padangusthasana- Both big toes postures
XXXI Urdhva mukha paschimottasana- Upward facing full forward bend
XXXII Setu bandhasana- Bridge
XXXIII Urdhva dhanurasana- Upward bow posture
XXXIV Paschimottanasana – Full forward bend
XXXV Salamba sarvangasana – Shoulder- stand
XXXVI Halasana – Plow
XXXVII Karnapidasana – Ear pressure posture
XXXVIII Urdhva padmasana – Upward lotus
XXXIX Pindasana – Embryo posture
XL Matsyasana – Fish posture
XLI Uttana Padasana- Extended leg posture
XLII Sirsasana – Headstand
XLIII Yoga mudra- Sealed yoga posture
XLIV Padmasana – Lotus
XLV Uttpluthi – uprooting
XLVI Savasana – Corpse posture

  • Pranayama (Breathing Practices)

1- Introduction of Pranayama
2- The pranic body- Annamaya kosha
b- Manomaya kosha
c- Pranamaya Kosha
d- Vijnanamaya Kosha
e- Anandamaya Kosha

3- Natural Breathing
4- Abdominal Breathing
5- Thoracic Breathing
6- Clavicular Breathing
7- Yogic breathing
8- Nadi shodhana Pranayama & It techniques
9- Sheetali Pranayama & It techniques
10- Sheetkari pranayama
11- Bhramari pranayama
12- Ujjayi pranayama
13- Bhastika Pranayama
14- Kapalbhati Pranayama
15- Moorchha Pranayama
16- Surya Bheda Pranayama
17- Chandra bhedana pranayama
18- Swana pranayama

  • Yoga Nidra

Basic Relaxation
Tension Relaxation
Full Body Relaxation

  • Yoga Cleansing

Jalaneti Satkarma (Nasal cleansing with salty water)
Rubber neti (Nasal cleansing with a rubber string)
Agnisar Kriya
Nauli Kriya
Kapalbhati Cleansing

  • Teaching Practice


  • Teaching Methodology

1- Positive & conscious communication.
2- Friendship and trust.
3- Time management
4- Qualities of a teacher
5- Principles of demonstrating, observation, assisting, correcting.
6- Use of voice in class
7- Mental & emotional preparation for teaching.
8- Class preparation
9- Step by step class structure planning.

  • Assessments are based on:

Written Test
Oral Test

General information Review Like

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Ashtanga Yoga

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Nidra Yoga

Natural & Holistic Therapies

  • Aromatherapy

  • Massage

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Taro

  • Meditation

  • Ayurveda (Training)


48 / 56 days with instruction
English Instruction language
English, Hindi Spoken language(s)

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Minimum age allowed is 18
  • The maximum participants in the group is 20
  • Seasonality


    Daily Program Review Like

    First Month (200 Hour)

    • 5:00 Morning Bell 
    • 6:00 Joint movements exercises & Pranayama
    • 7:00 Hatha Yoga 
    • 9:00 Breakfast 
    • 10:00 Yoga philosophy 
    • 11:00 Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
    • 12:00 Yoga Practicum
    • 13:15 Lunch 
    • 15:30 Vinyasa Yoga 
    • 17:00 Guided meditation
    • 18:00 Dinner 
    • 19:30 Chanting
    • 20:30 Silence Practice 
    • 21:00 Lights Off 

    Second Month (300 Hour)

    • 5:00 Morning Bell
    • 6:00 Hatha Yoga
    • 7.30 Pranayama
    • 9:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00 Yoga Philosophy
    • 11:00 Yoga Therapy
    • 12:00 Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
    • 13:15 Lunch
    • 15:30 Vinyasa flow yoga / Yoga practicum
    • 17:00 Guided meditation
    • 18:00 Dinner
    • 19:30 Chanting
    • 20:30 Silence Practice
    • 21:00 Lights Off

    Accommodation Review Like

    Vinyasa Yoga Academy is proud reside in Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the world. The divine flow of the holy Ganga River and cool breeze of the Himalayan Mountains energizes every cell of your being. Rishikesh has a rich spiritual history. It vibrates with the energies of great yogis who have been meditating for thousands of years. It is a perfect place for your yoga teacher training course.

    People all around the world come to Rishikesh to search for knowledge and peace, and we are proud to be in the calm foothills of the Himalayas helping soul searchers seek knowledge. We understand the needs of students and try to provide them with everything to make their stay happy and meaningful. Shared and private rooms are available according to interest. The rooms are clean, airy, spacious, ventilated and well maintained. There are laundry services, hot water and wifi facilities are also available

    Food Review Like

    Included Meals

    Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner , Drinks

    Food Types Supported

    Gluten Free , Other Dietary Requirements, Vegetarian

    Staff Review Like

    OUR MASTER, FOUNDER and Meditation teacher. After practicing yoga from very early age of 12, he decided to leave his family and friends behind to pursue the yogic path and meet his first Yoga Master - Narayan Muni at Jharsuguda Muni Samaj Yoga Ashram. It was here he took his first steps into the Himayalan Tradition. In 1988 he met his second Yoga Master - Swami Niranjan ji to learn the wisdom of the Vedas. There he came across the Jnana Yoga (knowledge), which taught him important lessons

    ADJUSTMENT & ALIGNMENT TEACHER Yogi Navkant Ji has completed a master’s of science in yogic science and holistic health and is trained in different aspects of hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, yoga therapy and health. He shares the knowledge and experience of yoga learned from different yoga professors and teachers of university, helping to understand the basic principles of yoga that students need in order to better prepare the foundations on which they can begin their journey.

    ( HATHA & ASHTANGA YOGA TEACHER) Motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga and specialization in Hatha and Ashtanga principles.Enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals.Energetic and outgoing with collaborative spirit. Experience- Lead yoga classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced. Teach student correct postures to ensure maximum benefit and safety. Provide guided meditation at the beginning and end of each class.

    YOGA ANATOMY TEACHER Parveen Sharma has done 5 years integrated course in Yoga (BA & MA) from Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar. She is authorized by Dev Sanskriti University to teach and heal society. She is known for her authenticity and non-judgmental teaching styles with compassion centred Yoga. She has 9 years o f experience in teaching and conducting workshops, seminars and retreat.

    MEDITATION & PRANAYAMA TEACHER Jehir Abbas- Also called as Siddha- brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse experience and background, he has been formally educated in Masters of business administration in Marketing management and post graduate in retail management and also has a degree in geography. He has previously worked with Multinational companies in Dubai and India. Jehir is been always a follower of his passion and to follow his passion of yoga he came to the yoga capital Rishikesh.

    PHILOSOPHY & MEDITATION TEACHER Dr. Rohit Chobe is very young and dynamic teacher at Vinyasa yoga academy. His has expertise in Meditation. He is highly educated. He holds Ph.D in Yog Science. Through his scientific yoga teaching,he sparks people to raise self-enquiry for inner awakening. He teaches about authentic yoga culture for holistic development, helping people to live a meaningful and balanced life. He loves teaching!

    HATHA YOGA, ASTHANGA VINYASA Yogi Nicky’s teaching style is completely different to other yoga teachers. Every class he teaches is filled with love, passion and respect and he like to push his students to improve their personal practice. Nicky ji was born and raised in Rishikesh where he has learned yoga from many great masters . With over 7 years’ experience in teaching yoga and teacher training, he has a good practical knowledge of teaching.

    ALIGNMENT & ADJUSTMENT Yogi Manish Ji is a Motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced training in yoga, specialising in Ashtanga and Hatha principles. He gets much enjoyment from inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. He is full of energy which complements his collaborative sp irit. Manish has garnered a teaching skill, being an encouraging, flexible, adaptable and intuitive. He customizes programs to individual needs within each group.

    Additional Things to do Review Like

    • Nature Excursions
    • Astrologic Consultation

    Spa treatments / Therapies Review Like

    • Massages
    • Ayurvedic Consultation
    • Aromatherapy
    • Facials and Scrubs

    What is included Review Like

    • 2 months Shared or Private Accommodation
    • Daily nutritious three times vegetarian meals and herbal teas
    • Nature excursions
    • Yoga material
    • One Free Ayurvedic Massage
    • One the himalayas sightseeing trip
    • Free pick-up facility from Dehradun airport
    • Every friday kirtan night

    What is not included Review Like

    • Air-conditioner - available for extra charges

    Know before you go Review Like


    A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the teaching of yoga demand a high degree of self-discipline and purity. To ensure the success of the programme, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, meditation sessions, lectures and asana classes. Meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with the school rules may be dismissed from the course.

    Principles and Guidelines:

    Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a Traditional Vinyasa Yoga School.
    The Teaching starts from early in the morning. The time schedule of the practices change according to the seasons.
    Respectful behavior is mandatory at all times on and off the premises.
    To respect the rules and regulations Vinyasa Yoga Academy will not refund the fee of students after joining the course.
    We must be informed in advance if the student is not going to come for a meal.
    Before departure from Vinyasa Yoga Academy, students must return all the books from the library.
    Non veg. food, smoking, and drinking alcohol are not allowed on the Vinyasa Yoga Academy premises.

    General Rules:

    On the premises, modest dressing is mandatory.
    Silence should be maintained after 8 pm.
    Regular home work should be completed.
    All classes are mandatory to attend.
    As a part of the evaluation procedure there will be a final exam both theory and practical.
    Vinyasa Yoga Academy reserves the right to disqualify any students at anytime during TTC for misconduct or breaking the rules.

    Arrival and Departure

    In order to attend the orientation program, one should arrive at least a day before starting of the course. On the first day at 10 am the Course will start with yoga ritual. On last day of the course, graduation ceremony takes place and it finishes by 7 p.m., therefore, departure should be planned one day after completion of the course.


    You should apply strictly for a TOURIST VISA and purpose of your visit to India should be travel or tourism (yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Rishikesh, visiting TAJ in Agra etc.). Invitation letter is not required for tourist visa. Please DO NOT mention about joining a yoga course on your visa application form to avoid any complication. You CANNOT get study or yoga visa by registering for our course. Contact details of Indian embassy in your country can be found here. In general, visa expiry date is counted from the day visa is issued. Please verify it with the concerned embassy. Try to apply for your visa at least 2 or 3 weeks before your travel date.


    December-January-February are the coldest month, the temperature gets down to 15-26 C, and we do not provide room heaters, so if you are doing the course during December-early March we recommend you to bring warm clothes.
    April to August - hot & rainy weather - light cotton clothes are recommended, as the temperature can get even to 40 degrees. September is the ending of the rainy season. Still if you coming during these month umbrella/raincoats are recommended.
    October to March - weather in Rishikesh varies from pleasant to cold and woolen clothes, jackets etc. are recommended. The temperature is averagely around 32-33 C.

    How to get there Review Like


    The closest and most convenient airport for you is to fly to New-Delhi. If you are visiting India for the first time then it is better for you to take a flight to Dehradun (city nearby), and from Dehradun is a 30 min drive by car, so you save a hustle.


    Delhi airport to Rishikesh by car is a 6 hours journey. We have a transportation package for US$ 150 which will cover your airport pick-up, transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh (by car) and after completion of the course transfer back from Rishikesh to Delhi. One way transportation i.e. Delhi airport to Rishikesh can also be availed for US$ 85. In case, your flight arrives late night and you want to stay overnight in Delhi, airport pick-up cost will be US$ 25 and a reasonably good accommodation at a hotel in Delhi can be arranged for US$ 40 or 50. Our travel arrangements are executed under the supervision of professionals and we are always ready with a back-up plan, in case of emergencies. Another good option is to travel by train (airport to New Delhi train station by car, then by train to Haridwar and from Haridwar to Rishikesh by car). Travel by bus is quite cheap but a bit inconvenient for first time visitors.

    Cheap hotels can also be found in Delhi (Main Bazar, Paharganj area) for USD 10~20. From Delhi airport to Paharganj can be reached by airport metro express in less than 20 minutes and it costs less than US$ 2

    Booking Review Like

    Cancellation Policy

    Non Refundable

    Deposit Percentage


    The rest of the payment should be made on arrival

    Features Review Like

    • Massage

    • In-Room Safe

    • Multilingual Staff

    • River

    • Special Menu Request

    • Terrace

    • Yoga Deck

    • Yoga Shala

    • Patio

    • ATM / Banking

    • Bicycle Rental

    • Currency Exchange

    • Free Drinkable Water

    • Free Wi-Fi

    • Laundry

    • Local Market

    • Medical Assistance

    • Room Cleaning

    • Tour Assistance

    Availability Notes / comments. Review Like

    The course starts each 15th day of the month.

    Has a duration of 8 weeks. Classes will be held from Monday till Saturday, with a half day on Thursday and an off day on Sunday.

    Customer Reviews

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    1. Review by

      Posted on

      An unforgettable experience
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      It has been an unforgettable experience. Originally, I came to Vinyasa Yoga Academy to get the 200YTT certification for Hatha and Ashtanga, it was such a good experience that I couldn’t leave so soon, I decided I wanted to stay longer from the first week! Teachers are amazing, humble and full of knowledge; the staff is just lovely and the organisation is higher than the average standards in India definitely! I decided to continue with the 300h certification for holistic yoga right after and I am extremely happy with my decision. Still not ready to leave my new Indian family but sure that it won’t be a goodbye but a see you later ! ❤️ Thank you for make these months soooo special ❤️ Namaste
    2. Review by

      Posted on

      Amazing School
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      What an amazing School !! Teachers are just so pro and with a lot of knowledge. The place is just lit with a beautiful view ! The food are just PERFECT. For sure you have to come here.
      Thank you for everything guys
    3. Review by

      Posted on

      I recommend 100%
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      Services and Communication
      I am yoga instructor from Myanmar,Burma and completed yoga teacher training from Vinyasa Yoga Academy.
      I really like the school and it is a must to give 5 stars recommendation.

      1. School and accommodation- very good
      2. Teaching techniques & training-very good
      3. Teachers are qualified and very helpful.
      4. Food and supply - very good
      5. Environment is safe and peaceful.

      So, if you are trying to choose an international yoga teacher training, I recommend 100% to go to Vinyasa Yoga Academy or World Peace Yoga School.

      Namaste and good luck everyone

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