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योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचा । मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन ॥

Kundalini is known as the power centres in a human body and is represented in the forms of Chakras (Spirals). Kundalini Tantra is considered as the base of many physical and emotional transformations. Kundalini Yoga is one of the most ancient practices for harnessing the unlimited power sources of the body and channelizing them in constructive direction. With so many advantages of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India, we at Samadhi Yoga Ashram brings you an introductory course on this form of yoga combined with meditation practices. Our 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh offers you a foundation course to understand the Kundalini in the most illustrious manner and understand its potential in spiritual and physiological advancements. This course intends to offer you the understanding of Kundalini, its positioning inside the body, its effects, its powers, the causes of different illnesses, tantra sadhana for Kundalini Awakening and Meditation to levitate the powers of Kundalini. With this basic 100 Hours Course, we offer you a thorough guidance to identify and control the power of Kundalini with its potentials.

Advantages of availing our 100 Hour Kundalini Tantra and Meditation Yoga

When you get yourself enrolled for our introductory Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India, you are allocated our experienced masters, who guide you with the basic knowledge of Kundalini with its powers. Our Masters also teach you how to resort to Tantra and Meditation to awaken the unlimited power of Kundalini through consistent and correct practice. We guide our students and disciples in proper understanding of Kundalini along with Tantra associated with each Chakra. We also offer you demonstration classes when you can practice recital of Mantras to awaken Kundalini. Our expert guides and Yoga teachers can offer you glimpses of the power of Kundalini Awakening and offer you thorough knowledge on different chakras and their functionalities. With this course, you also gain some knowledge about different physical discomforts and their origin point inside different chakras. We will also explain you how to awaken the chakras and channelize the energy for a physical well-being while practicing Kundalini Tantra for a better evolved soul in spirituality.

How to pursue this course
When you are interested in pursuing 100 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh from Samadhi Yoga Ashram, you need to contact us. We will check the schedules available and match them with your preferences to confirm you about the course schedule. This course being a residential course, you will be required to stay in the Ashram premises and abide by the regulations for maintaining sanctity of this sacred place. Before your arrival you will be offered a detailed itinerary with the class and other details, which must be practiced for the maximum benefit of this course. Our teachers will guide you and explain any difficulties of understanding the concepts of Kundalini Tantra Sadhana. You can also refer to the Ashram library for the sacred texts to clarify your understanding of this powerful meditation ritual. Upon successful completion, we will award you a certificate of excellence which can help you to pursue the advanced versions of this course and practice these to perfection.


  • Asana:

Kundalini Yoga Asana
Bhujangasana (Cobra pose- to awake heart chakra)
Prarthanasana (The prayer pose -to have reverence)
Padahastasana (The standing forward bend - to awake Muladhar Chakra)
Tadasana (The Tree Pose - for nourishing our spiritual aspiration)
Trikonasana (The Triangle pose)
Sahaja Agnisar Dhauti (Awakening inner fire - in Manipura Chakra)
Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose -to cleanse Vajra nadi to promote ascendance of the sexual energy towards upper chakras)
Shalabhasana (The Locust pose –Increases the blood supply to the sacrum and lower back)
Dhanurasana (The Bow pose – remove constipation and improve digestion)
Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Lord of the Fishes pose)
Uddiyana Bandha (Upward flying lock)
Paschimottanasana (The back stretching pose)
Janushirshasana (The head to knee pose- eliminate laziness and weakness)
Ushtrasana (The Camel Pose-arousing Manipura chakra)
Naukasana (The boat pose – alleviates anxiety and nervousness)
Supta Vajrasana (The Reclining Thundrebolt pose – guides the sexual energy through Vajra nadi towards brain)
Garudasana (The Eagle pose – improve balance and co-ordination)
Nauli Kriya (The Navel Cleansing- Balance the three humours of the body kapha-vata- pitta)
Ardha Shirshasana (Half head stand- rejuvenate the brain cells)
Shashankasana (The Hare pose – remove stress, arrogance, selfishness and anger)
Pavanamuktasana (Massages the internal organ and decongests the liver and sexual organs)
Kundalini asthi Granthi Kriya (Joints movements)
Warm up Exercises
Feet and ankle exercises
Knee movement
Hip movement and rotation
Leg cradle
Side bening
Arms movement
Arm swing
Elbow movement
Wrist and hand movement
Neck exercises
Chin, jaw, mouth, toungue, eye and head exercises
Surya Namaskar (Sunsalutation)

  • Kundalini Rituals

Correct Sitting
Correct breathing
Chakra Breathing Meditation
Mantra Meditation

  • Cleansing Exercises

Jala neti

  • Yoga Nidra

Subtle body awakening yoga nidra
31 point blue star yoga nidra

  • Kriya Yoga Practices for Kundalini Awakening

Rules and Preparation
Chakra Sadhana
Practices to awaken Ajna Chakra
Practices to awake Mooladhar Chakra
Practices to awake Swadhisthan Chakra
Practices to awake Manipura Chakra
Practices to awake Anahata Chakra
Practices to awake Vishuddhi Chakra
Tantra Prana Kriya (Tantrik Breathing Practices)
Kapal Bhati – For Awakening 3rd Eye and emotional cleansing
Bhastrika – For Awakening fire centre and Emotional Stability
Bhramari – Transforming Brain Waves and cleansing ajna and Sahasrar chakra
Nadi-shodhanam – For balancing both hemisphere and activate susumna
Bandha (Kundalini Energy Lock)
Moola Shakti Bandha (Root Energy Lock)
Uddiyana Shakti Bandha (Abdoman Energy Lock)
Jalandhar Shakti Bandha (Throat Energy Lock)
Maha Shakti Bandha (Great Energy Lock)
Kundalini Tantra Mudra
Hast Mudra
Mana Mudra
Kaya Mudra
Adhara Mudra
Bandha Mudra
Kundalini tantra Philosophy:
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
Defination of the Chakra
Understanding the Chakra
Mooladhara Chakra
Swadhisthan Chakra
Manipura Chakra
Anahata Chakra
Vishudhhi chakra
Aagya Chakra
Sahasrar chakra
Kundalini Awakening process
Kundalini Anatomy
Nadis/Energy channel
Panchakosha (5 sheaths)
Respiratory system
Nervous system

  • Assessments


General information Review Like

Yoga Styles

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Ashtanga Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Karma Yoga

Natural & Holistic Therapies

  • Aromatherapy

  • Massage

  • Ayurvedic Massage

  • Meditation

  • Ayurveda (Training)

  • Tantra


8 / 10 days with instruction
English Instruction language
English, Hindi Spoken language(s)

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Minimum age allowed is 18 years
  • The maximum participants in the group is 20 person
  • Seasonality


    Daily Program Review Like

    • 5:30 Morning Bell
    • 6:00 Kundalini Tantra Yoga
    • 8:00 Pranayama & Mantra Chanting
    • 9:15 Breakfast
    • 10:45 Kundalini Theory & Practice
    • 12:00 Yoga Philosophy
    • 13:15 Lunch
    • 14:45 Yoga Anatomy 
    • 16:00 Alignment & Adjustment 
    • 17:15 Asana Flow
    • 18:45 Meditation 
    • 19:50 Dinner
    • 21:00 Lights Off

    Food Review Like

    Included Meals

    Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner , Drinks

    Food Types Supported

    Other Dietary Requirements, Vegetarian

    Staff Review Like

    Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi
    Yogi Vishnu has been traveling extensively to various destinations to teach and deliver lecturers on spirituality, yoga, meditation and inner-faith for many years, now. His experiences in life so far, have been quite enchanting, as he says. At present he is deeply dedicated towards guiding disciples at Samadhi Yoga Ashram into a path of spirituality and self-awakening.

    Yogi Rohit Kumar
    Yogabhyasi (Yoga Practitioner) Rohit Kumar, holds an M.A. (Master in English Language and Literature), and an L.L.B. (Bachelors in Law) from Indian Universities. He has been a Yoga practitioner for many years. His years of disciplined, regular and continuous practices of the various disciplines of Yoga have conferred upon him good insight into the theory as well as practical aspects of different branches of Yoga. His credentials in the field of the propagation of Yoga are honoured phenomenon.

    Swami Prakash Ji
    Prakash is born and brought up in a spiritual family based in Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been introduced to spiritual path and yoga at very young age. he started practicing Meditation, Asanas, Pranayama and Prayers from his childhood. At the age of 15 he attended many meditation seminars of Bharamakumaris University at mount abu. Later he meet Guru Yogteerhji from Sabathu, Himachal Pradesh. under his guidance he learn Yoga and meditation. In 2004 he moved from his parental home and started traveling Ind

    Yogi Navkant Juyal
    Completed Masters of science in yogic science and holistic health. trained in diffrent aspect of hatha yoga , yoga philosophy, yoga psychology yoga therapy and health. sharing the knowledge and his experience of yoga learned from different yoga proffesors and teachers of university. helping to understand basic principles of yoga that student able to prepare there base that they able to understand or begin there journey . the journey which is leading you toward becomming aware to your real self .

    Yogini Shakti
    Shakti is a uniquely inspiring and experienced Pranayama, Meditation, Yog-Nidra Teacher and Therapist. She is a Dr. of Naturopathy from School of Naturopathy Gorakhpur, which includes whole naturopathy treatments with diet and therapeutic yoga After complete her bachelor degree from Delhi University she decided to get appropriate and systematic knowledge of meditation and yogic science. Then she started learning through various camps, groups, and seminars. She has done Two years of residential therapy tra

    Yogi Jehir Abbas
    Jehir Abbas- Also called as Siddha- brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse experience and background, he has been formally educated in Masters of business administration in Marketing management and post graduate in retail management and also has a degree in geography. He has previously worked with Multinational companies in Dubai and India. Jehir is been always a follower of his passion and to follow his passion of yoga he came to the yoga capital Rishikesh, eventually he has successfully completed

    Additional Things to do Review Like

    • Ayurvedic Massage and Natural Healings Treatment with 20% Discount
    • Airport pick up from Delhi airport - 75 USD
    • Ayurvedic Doctor and Astrology Consultation 20 USD each

    What is included Review Like

    • 9 nights shared Accommodation from 13th to 21st
    • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and tea
    • Weekend excursions
    • Yoga material
    • A free ayurvedic massage.
    • Free taxi-pickup from (DED) dehradun airport.
    • Yoga cleansing kit- Neti pot, Sutra neti
    • One the himalayas sightseeing trip

    What is not included Review Like

    • Any expenses related to visa and travel
    • Air-conditioner or room heater- 40 USD additional

    Know before you go Review Like

    • No Smoking and alcohol in the school.
    • If you are not having your meal any day inform the kitchen Manager 3 hours before.
    • Respect your teacher and follow all the disciples make by the school for your successful course.
    • Always be in the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join class.
    • Before departure return your books, maps or any goods which you borrowed.
    • Samadhi Yoga Ashram provides accommodation for a student who join yoga classes. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation. If anybody is coming with you please inform the school earlier.
    • Student have to present in all scheduled program of Samadhi Yoga ashram.

    Principles and Guidelines:

    Samadhi Yoga Ashram is a Traditional School.
    The Teaching starts from early in the morning. The time schedule of the practices change according to the seasons.
    Respectful behavior is mandatory at all times on and off the premises.
    To respect the rules and regulations Samadhi Yoga Ashram will not refund the fee of students after joining the course.
    We must be informed in advance if the student is not going to come for a meal.
    Before departure from Samadhi Yoga Ashram, students must return all the books from the library.
    Non veg. food, smoking, and drinking alcohol are not allowed on the Samadhi Yoga Ashram premises.

    General Rules:
    On the premises, modest dressing is mandatory.
    Silence should be maintained after 8 pm.

    Arrival and Departure

    In order to attend the orientation program, one should arrive at least a day before starting of the course. On the first day at 10 am the Course will start with yoga ritual. On last day of the course, graduation ceremony takes place and it finishes by 7 p.m., therefore, departure should be planned one day after completion of the course.

    You should apply strictly for a TOURIST VISA and purpose of your visit to India should be travel or tourism (yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Rishikesh, visiting TAJ in Agra etc.). Invitation letter is not required for tourist visa. Please DO NOT mention about joining a yoga course on your visa application form to avoid any complication. You CANNOT get study or yoga visa by registering for our course. Contact details of Indian embassy in your country can be found here. In general, visa expiry date is counted from the day visa is issued. Please verify it with the concerned embassy. Try to apply for your visa at least 2 or 3 weeks before your travel date.

    December-January-February are the coldest month, the temperature gets down to 15-26 C, and we do not provide room heaters, so if you are doing the course during December-early March we recommend you to bring warm clothes.
    April to August - hot & rainy weather - light cotton clothes are recommended, as the temperature can get even to 40 degrees. September is the ending of the rainy season. Still if you coming during these month umbrella/raincoats are recommended.
    October to March - weather in Rishikesh varies from pleasant to cold and woolen clothes, jackets etc. are recommended. The temperature is averagely around 32-33 C.

    How to get there Review Like

    The closest and most convenient airport for you is to fly to New-Delhi. If you are visiting India for the first time then it is better for you to take a flight to Dehradun (city nearby), and from Dehradun is a 30 min drive by car, so you save a hustle.

    Delhi airport to Rishikesh by car is a 6 hours journey. We have a transportation package for US$ 150 which will cover your airport pick-up, transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh (by car) and after completion of the course transfer back from Rishikesh to Delhi. One way transportation i.e. Delhi airport to Rishikesh can also be availed for US$ 85. In case, your flight arrives late night and you want to stay overnight in Delhi, airport pick-up cost will be US$ 25 and a reasonably good accommodation at a hotel in Delhi can be arranged for US$ 40 or 50. Our travel arrangements are executed under the supervision of professionals and we are always ready with a back-up plan, in case of emergencies. Another good option is to travel by train (airport to New Delhi train station by car, then by train to Haridwar and from Haridwar to Rishikesh by car). Travel by bus is quite cheap but a bit inconvenient for first time visitors.
    Cheap hotels can also be found in Delhi (Main Bazar, Paharganj area) for USD 10~20. From Delhi airport to Paharganj can be reached by airport metro express in less than 20 minutes and it costs less than US$2

    Booking Review Like

    Cancellation Policy

    Non Refundable

    Deposit Percentage


    The rest of the payment should be made on arrival

    Features Review Like

    • Massage

    • In-Room Safe

    • Luggage Room / Storage

    • River

    • Special Menu Request

    • Terrace

    • Yoga Deck

    • Yoga Shala

    • Patio

    • ATM / Banking

    • Currency Exchange

    • Free Drinkable Water

    • Free Wi-Fi

    • Laundry

    • Local Market

    • Medical Assistance

    • Room Cleaning

    • Tour Assistance

    Availability Notes / comments. Review Like

    • Training starts every 13th of the month

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    1. Review by

      Posted on

      Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
      Value for money
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      I wouldn't have choosen any other place to have my teacher training,it was one of the best experience I have had. The accommodation, the staff, the view, the contents of the classes and overall the teachers were great; they teach with passion, knowledge and you can tell they love what they do. Thank you Vishnu for the wisdom and for putting this amazing place together.
    2. Review by

      Posted on

      The experience of your life
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Value for money
      Hello everybody! I can't tell you how MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH i I loved my time at the samadhi yoga ashram. I did not only learn so much good things about kundalini yoga from very wise, wonderful teachers but also got to know myself sooo much and i got to know all these wonderful people which are my family now. the people who work there are amazing and i can't tell how much I am going to miss them. So as you see - you should come to samadhi yoga ashram to have the experience of your life!!!
    3. Review by

      Posted on

      Kundalini Yoga
      Value for money
      Services and Communication
      Accommodation and Facilities
      Quality of the Experience
      Samadhi yoga has been one of the most magical, deeply rejuvenating, thought provoking, conscious expanding experiences I have honestly to this date had in my life.
      Each and every day has felt like Christmas morning, warm hugs, genuine smiles and so much sweet innocent unconditional love that vibrates deeply within your entire being.
      I’m happy to give 5 stars on every aspect of this course. Each teacher had a very special energy that surrounds them, super humble approach and live a life true to their core values which I appreciate so much :)

      Along with all of this I had the most authentic, special group of human beings and each one of them had their unique way of self expression which in turn helped me to express myself and made me realise that there are people in this world that want to listen and care about what you have to say.


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