We believe in the possibilities of human beings to fulfill their physical, mental and emotional potential through transformative experiences that encourage the search for self-knowledge, health and well-being.

We are
A comprehensive and innovative company of multi skilled professionals who live in alignment with the lifestyle we offer. We've created a complete and practical tool designed to make it simple to explore, discover and book your next wellness experience.

We offer
A wide variety of wellness travel packages. Retreats, courses, teacher trainings, workshops, natural therapies, spa treatments and spiritual awakening experiences, all carefully selected to guarantee you an unforgettable life-changing journey.

We believe
The secret of life is the middle way. Modern life asks a lot from us and can become very complex and stressful. Taking breaks and nourishing body mind and soul is the way to keep the balance and strengthen your inner self. We believe you deserve it and we work for that.

More than 500 activities

What do you want to do?
Whether it’s Yoga, Meditation, Natural and Holistic Therapies. Have fun browsing our menu of experiences and let the right one find you.

More than 15 countries

Where do you want to go?
Navigate through our multiple options and choose your next destination: beach, mountains, forest, cities, and why not, the sky.

Amazing Experiences

What moves you?
Every human being is unique, just like your journey and your choices. Supporting your path to self-discovery is the best mission we could ever have, and it means being part of something bigger than ourselves. Welcome to Yotus.

Connect yourself to people, purposes and places aligned to your own personal pursuit.
Plan your trips in a safe and reliable way.
Find the best option to plan your next retreat, take a course or teacher training, or plan your next vacation.
Feel the tranquility of having a high level platform with global presence.
Count on 24-hour service anywhere in the world.
Save time by accessing a complete, practical and intuitive digital platform.

We are your next step towards an incredible journey of discovery and transformation.

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