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This short online program has been designed for those who would like to explore working with the Womb.

Do you want to:

  • Explore Womb Awakening practices?
  • Release clutter from your body and soul? Feel more grounded?
  • Enjoy a stronger connection with yourself? Heal and release your Womb from trauma?
  • Feel more centered and self-aware?
  • Gain a new sense of self-love and self-worth?
  • Connect to your femine power?

In these 3 weeks I will be teaching you how to be able to activate your Sacred Womb Space, how to communicate with her and we will be doing a powerful healing ceremony where you will be taught how to work with your own energy and how this can heal your Womb.

It would be a perfect preparation for those who are feeling the call to work with their Womb. And it is a perfect opportunity for those who are curious but don't want to commit to a longer circle.

This is a on demand course which means you can do it in your own pace and at whatever convenient moment. During 3 weeks I will be sending out 3 different video's, which are available for you at all times.

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15 / 15 days with instruction
English Instruction language
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Week 1 - Awaken your feminine centers
In this video I am explaining in detail what we are going to work on. Then we will prepare the space and start the activation of our 3 feminine centers which will be the first gentle connection to our Womb. This activation ceremony is also a clearing of the clutter from your body that has prevented you from connecting fully to your feminine centers.

Week 2 - Listen & Communicate with your Womb
As a follow up on the first week, we will be taking the time today to connect to our Womb at a more conscious level and we will listen how the Womb wants to communicate with you and what she would like to share with you. Again there will be background information given as a preparation.

Week 3 - Womb Healing ceremony
Now that we have activated our Womb and she has shared with us her story it is time to take the work to another level. We will be doing a healing ceremony where we will be healing our Womb with manifested light. A very direct form of light that comes directly from your source. It is very empowering to experience that you have the ability to heal yourself! This is a transformative c

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Marjolein van Ommeren
It is my mission to teach as many women as possible this amazing work and empower them.

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  • 3 video's with background information and a practice
  • Email support when this is needed in your journey.

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  • Online Experience

  • Internet Access

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